Edd is one of the main characters of the webtoon known as Eddsworld, alongside Matt, Tom, and Tord. He is considered to be the leader of the group, and he loves cola.

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-B, likely higher with weapons

Name: Edward "Edd" Gould
Edd Gould Render

Age: Likely in his mid 20s

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Male

Origian: Eddsworld

Classification: Human

1st appearance: Stick Figure

Last appearance: The End

Friend: Matt, Tom, and Tord

Enemies: Unknown

Species: Human

Quote: Unknown

Origin: Edd is usually recognized for wearing a green hoodie with a white shirt, marked "Smeg Head" Edd has also been shown to have an uncontrollable love for Coca Cola and bacon throughout the series, to the point that it is motivation for most of his actions. (For instance, in Zombeh Nation, Matt was trapped in a mall full of Zombehs, and did not agree to help him until he found out Matt has his emergency stash of Cola). Edd's voice permanently changed in "Space Face Part 2", after Matt shot him numerous times with a voice changer, which he ended up breaking soon after. Edd did not talk in "Space Face Part 2" until he was hit with the voice changer. He only gets called Edward by Zombie and Skeleton Tord. In "Zombeh Attack", when Tord's turned into a zombie, Edd yells to a cola vending machine instead of Tord.

Personality: Edd is shown to be fairly lazy, with a lot of his free time being spent sitting on a couch watching television. He is also very carefree, leading to moments of injuries, including jumping into a burning pool of Cola, nearly getting bit by Vampire Matt on numerous occasions in the short Matt Sucks, and generally putting himself into incredibly dangerous situations. He is shown to be overall kind, however, and willing to help his friends in need. Edd also has a very strong love for Cola as in a flashback during the "Hammer & Fail", he had ordered 8 Kegs of Cola though his order was mixed up with his nemesis and sort of counterpart Eduardo's order of Diet Coke and during the episode "WTFuture", he orders 2 gallons of Cola from the waitress in Bob's Diner. This shows he has a huge obsession with Cola. He may also have a minor obsession with broccoli. This is shown when he enters the elevator to hell in "Hello Hell Hole". In "WTFuture" Edd's future self attempted to enter his past self's home, using different access codes in different variations of saying and when these attempts fail, he says "Broccoli?" This fails just before Edd's garage opens and the others leave via the use of several odd sort of fairground cars. He also seems to have a love for bacon.

Appearance: Edd's appearance in the web toon is shown to be related to his look in real life. He has straight brown hair with however some points in some parts. He wears a trademark green hoodie with laces and brown khakis. His shoes are green with laces.

Trivia: You can see his trivia. Click Here to Reading.

Info: Idk about many...

Edd's HP: 400

Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities

1. Super Strength

2. Weapon Mastery

3. Hammerspace

4. Breaking 4th Wall Awareness

5. Toon Force

6. Perception

7. Intelligent

8. Adventurer Skilled

9. Zombie Hunter Skilled

Edd's Stats

Attack Potency: Wall Level (Comparable to Tord, who threw a couch through a wall, can trade blows with zombies that are capable of casually busting through walls, even zombified lesser animals like goats and ducks were capable of devouring humans whole in that same episode.), higher with weapons (Him and his friends can fight off multiple groups of clones of themselves.)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Can keep up with bullets, dodged lasers fired from his future self, should be comparable to Ed Gold, who dodged repeated fire from multiple guns at once, and on multiple occasions.), possibly FTL reactions (Held up a picture of Matt and reflected a laser, which suggests that it yields the properties of light.)

Lifting Strength: Class 100 (Casually lifted and carried a tank.)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Building Level (Survived a space shuttle crashing down on his house, comparable to Tom.)

Stamina: Pretty High (Can run from zombies and fight off hordes of enemies alongside his friends.)

Range: Melee, Melee extended with melee weapons, Several meters with fire arms

Standard Equipment: His lucky can (A soda can on a chain he wears around his neck.), Weapons like shotguns, shovels, etc.

Intelligence: Somewhat Low


Can often be oblivious to his surroundings.


Edd is the main progestiest in Eddsworld, he has help them to surivied from defeated monster and more about he has feats.


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