ExplodingTNT is a YouTuber that makes Minecraft Machinimas. In his videos, he acts like a noob by liking deadbushes and ink sacs. But in the real world he is extremely clever, ExplodingTNT makes Minecraft skits and other videos.

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-A | 7-B with Nukes

Name: ExplodingTNT

Age: 20

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Male

Origian: ExplodingTNT

Classification: TNT Man

Real Name: Sam

1st Appearance: TNT vs Creeper (In General) 5 Steps to Becoming an Admin (as a character.)

Last Appearance: Unknown



Pink Sheep (sometimes)

Pink Guy (sometimes)

Crystal Sheep

Purple Shep



The Destroyer

Bill Gates

Species TNT Man

Quote: "I am not a mouse" even if he is

Origian: ExplodingTNT is a YouTuber that makes Minecraft Machinimas. In his videos, he acts like a noob by liking deadbushes and ink sacs. But in the real world he is extremely clever, ExplodingTNT makes Minecraft skits and other videos. When Pink Sheep first appeared in his videos, he did not have a mustache and spoke in a different voice. This was probably another sheep, however, as it is revealed there are many "pink sheep", but only one can be the true one. He wanted to start making his own videos and ExplodingTNT helped him create a YouTube channel. They seem to be somewhat friends, but Pink Sheep does not think he is "Prankster Gangster" material and often refers to him as a hater and a mouse. About: ExplodingTNT is a Canadian YouTuber that makes Minecraft machinimas and more videos. His channel is known for making "If _ were in Minecraft", where he depicts strange things being added to Minecraft, When TNT first started, he made videos about various things in Minecraft exploding, hence the name "ExplodingTNT" Eventually, he decided to change the main focus of his channel to making the Minecraft machinimas he still makes today. These videos typically start with "If", and follow various comedic scenes revolving around the concept described in the video. In late 2015, ExplodingTNT's channel began to grow more in-depth, with a more organized plot line, title, and character development, He is one side of a long-standing feud between him and the Pink Sheep, a god-like sheep with a mustache. The sheep is a fan-favorite and has his own YouTube channel, also called Pink Sheep. Pink sheep has a son called Purple Shep, who has a deformed face and also has a YouTube channel. Pink Sheep's fan base is called the Prankster Gangster Nation. In SMG4 Video he supposed to be in this video but dropped due to failure along with Purple Shep SMG4 fail to put purple shep. Several of TNT's videos have cameosfrom other Minecraft YouTubers, such as SkyDoesMinecraft, JeromeASF, Failboat and others, but it is unlikely these are actually them. He has collaborated with other YouTubers before, such as his current best friends Failboat, and many others. Much like It's JerryandHarry, Most of his machinimas feature characters talking with text over their head, but he has used voice actors as well, such as AdamRodriguezGames. He also owns Minecraft minigame servers with GameplayerHD, called MCOrigins and The Nova, that were both featured in some of his videos, and a second channel entitled TheTNTExploders. He currently has over three million subscribers, making him one of the most popular Minecraft machinima makers. He always likes to make his subscribers laugh every video, and has become a hero to several people worldwide.

Appearance: ExplodingTNT is a TNT person, who has a red and white TNT hoodie. He is made of actual TNT, as shown when he lights himself on fire. He has a white face with a huge smile on it, but rest of his head is the TNT Sprite (actually mask) He has dark blue jeans with brown shoes. He also has only one tooth, it being his signature buck tooth.

Personality: As a character, ExplodingTNT is pretty nice, but is slightly unintelligent (unofficially). He does like useless items, and will accept weird video ideas. But when he goes out to eat dinner he talks polite with the waiter and respects Failboat when the two actually agree with each other. He also treats his fans kindly Everyone calls ExplodingTNT a mouse, because he likes cheese and has buck teeth. This fad actually started with a comment in the video If Minecraft was Weird, saying "Why is ExplodingTNT's face shaped like a mouse?" and never stopped since He also seems to like being the focus on his videos, as seen when he exploded in rage after noticing he wasn't featured in any of his Top 5 Videos of 2015.

Trivia: He doesn't adding JeffreyMayhem in his video, HE WILL BE LOSE TO ESG8!

Info: He's so weak from what i've seen.

ExplodingTNT's Subscribe: 3,802,495

ExplodingTNT's Views: 970,549,377

ExplodingTNT join YouTube: May 8, 2011

Which is ExplodingTNT lot of better?: 40% He's so worst.

Twitter: @ExplodingTNT

Style: Entertainment

Schedule: Wednesday & Saturday

Status: Active

Videos: 488+

ExplodingTNT's HP: 120

Immune: Sent TNT to explosives ExplodingTNT, and He trying to survives from Explosive

Power and Abilities

1. Summon TNT

2. Summon Nuke

3. Idea Plot

4. Explosive Manipulation

5. Substitute Armor

6. Superhuman Strength

7. Superhuman Speed

8. Stupid Intelligence

9. Explosive!

ExplodingTNT's Stats

Attack Potency: Small Building Level | City Level with Nukes

Speed: Subsonic

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Small Building Class | City Level

Durability: Small Building Level | City Level

Stamina: Likely Low

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: TNT & Nuke

Intelligence: Average






ExplodingTNT is weak character in fiction, He could have TNT & Nuke to take down oppenents in a battle.


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