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Goldbox FNAF was even made by Goldbox in Youtube, Goldbox FNAF is a art animation Even Goldbox added all characters all Goldbox's humans & animationics version of FNAF Indie Game.

Power Of The Verse

This Verse was weak all compared to All FNAF, indexing their powers can be rather difficult. So far they have been implied to all have strength at the very least on the level of least to greater, with the top tier being Springtrap,who could casually rip apart other animatronics, making him Wall level. They are known for their stealth, capable of kiling a man with the company unable to find the bodies. In matter of strength one of the animatronics accidentally bit off a child's frontal lobe. They are really hard to neutralize or destroy due their sheer durability and due being possessed, most animatronics in the second game were in a state of disrepair and they still worked properly. For example Bonnie Girl in the second game lost his face and an arm and he was still able to kill, and in matter of hax, certain characters possess blatantly supernatural qualities such as being incorporeal and teleportation.


(You have to find out.)