Great Magician has appeared in all Eight Marbles Games. She is the last boss for some playthroughs and a mid boss for others. She is also the girl at the title screen for Eight Marbles 2X.

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-A

Name: Majutusi

Age: 1,010 Year Old


Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Also Known As: Great Magician

Gender: Female

Origian: Eight Marbles 2X

Classification: Magician

1st appearance: Unknown

Last appearance: Unknown

Friend: Rika and Silk

Enemies: Unknown

Species: Devil Magician

Quote: Great Magician crying because she lost by timeout.

Origin: According to some translated sources, Great Magician has mastered many magic abilities, but is afraid her vast knowledge will be lost due to death so she seeked out immortality. Its also rumored that her being farted on so much de-aged her. She is the previous ringleader of the 8 Marbles Tournament. After attempting to use Amrita to her benefit, she barely escaped alive from her and miraculously recovered. She was then bullied by Nanaru and kidnapped by the cast of EM1 for quite some time after the events of the first EM game. The trauma she experienced was so great that she remained a shut-in for some time. She has returned to end her fears and the girls who caused them with her anti-butt attacks. Its unknown if she is involved with the disappearance of certain tournament contenders.

Personality: Great Magician has a very arrogant attitude, and always seems to belittle and laugh at her enemy. However she has been seen to cry when things dont go her way, such as when she loses by timeout.

Appearance: Great Magician is the best.


Which is Great Magician lot of better?: 51% Wow... O_O


  • According to her in game info, Great Magician is 1,010 years old, making her the oldest character in the game.
  • Although when ura characters are included, she is the third oldest, beaten by arekuto (2019 years) and gachapin (1000005 years)
  • strangely she is stated to be 1129 in the ura version and 15 in kyutou. it could be due to de-aging so it's possible she is at the near-end of her existence if this is the case
  • She has special intros with Rika and Silk.
  • Even though she isnt a onara fighter, she can be forced to fart by various grabs.
  • She was looked at as skilless to play in the online version of the game, due to her high tier moves.
  • Its rumored that she de-aged because of onara fighters farting on her.
  • Due to her relation with Rika and Nanaru, she may of had something to do with the kidnapping of Orca.
  • She shares the title for lowest health in the game with Silk, Luce and Itachi at 270.

Info: Great Magician can just defeated EthanTGJ MC.

Great Magician's HP: 270

Immune: Farting

Power And Abilities

1. Alt Taunt

2. Appartion Tie Up

3. Sickness Grudge Posion


4. Monster Summon

5. Demon Summon

6. Flight Focus

7. Empty Grudge Posion

8. Itsuka Tenma no Kuro

9. Dark Hades

Extra Abilities:

Ebiten Kouma

Tenma Hell Cell

Great Magician's Stats

Attack Potency: Small Building Level

Speed: Subsonic

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Small Building Level

Durability: Small Building Level

Stamina: High

Range: Extanded melee range

Standard Equipment: a pillar of dark engery and spell attacks

Intelligence: Genius




It's rumored that she's de-aged.


Great Magician is a magician that she's in Eight Marbles 2X.


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