Hailey Scare


Hailey is the Main protagonist of the Red Universe series, She appeared in 6 episodes so far she is currently in high school, she is currently in the red universe trying to escape.

Power and Stats

Tier: 10-C l 7-C l 3-A

Name: Hailey The Girl

Age: 13

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Female

Origian: Crazy is Crazy Verse

Classification: Human Child

1st appearance: Appearing in Part 1 of Red Universe Series

Last appearance: Unknown

Friend: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Species: School Girl

Quote: Unknown

Origin: Hailey is the main protagonist in CIC Series, she trying to epcape Red Universe.

Personality: (You have to find out.)

Appearance: Hailey is a 13 years old teenage girl who is in high school, she has blond hair.

Which is Hailey lot of better?: 46% Okay....

Trivia: Unknown

Info: We don't know her life.

Hailey's HP: 92 (Because she has pure heart.)

Immune: When Fire Ear use blue fire manipulate to blasting Hailey, She has to surivie a blasting from Fire Ear's Attack.

Power And Abilities

1. Time Manipulation

2. Soul Manipulation

3. Epcape Suriving

4. Love

5. Spell Attack

6. Hit Suriving

7. Quick Thinker

8. Time Travel

9. Life Charming

Hailey's Stats

Attack Potency: Average Human Level (That of a small child). l at the very least Town level when filled with enough life (Defeated Queen Emily). l Likely Universal+ level with immense amounts of life (Suriving a blasting from Fire Ear's Attack and defeated her.)

Speed: Average Human l Massively Hypersonic+ (Able to dodge a lighting strike.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Below Average Class l Up to at least Town Class when filled with enough life (Defeated Queen Emily). l Universal with immense amounts of life (Attack hard enough to hurt Fire Ear.)

Durability: At least Small Building Level normally (Travel and Fell in Red Universe.). Up to at the very least Town level when filled with enough life (Took numerous blows from Queen Emily). Likely Universal+ Level (Took suriving a blasing from Fire Ear, who was getting one shot by Fire Ear.)

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range with weapons. Universal via Life

Standard Equipment: Asking Mark about Hailey's Standard Equipment.

Intelligence: Very high. Hailey was able to work hard at High School and Hailey trying to brave not scare to Red Universe Characters.


- Travel and Fell in Red Universe.

- Suriving a blasting from Fire Ear's Attack and defeated her.

- Defeated Queen Emily

- Suriving from epcape Red Universe.


None Notable.


Hailey was great surivior and she trying to epcape red universe also she has to defeated Queen Emily and Fire Ear.


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