Not much is known about his past. He met Pink Sheep when Pink Sheep was in a swimming competition where the competitors had to swim over 43 meters, but he did not know this and swam until he was trapped on an island where Homie Dolphin offered to give him a ride back.

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-A

Name: Homie Dolphin
Homie Dolphin Minecraft Form

Age: 34

Height: around 8 feet (2.5m)

Weight: 440 Ibs

Gender: Male

Origin: ExplodingTNT

Classification: Animal

1st Appearance: Pink Sheep mentioned about Homie Dolphin in his property video, confirm that, Homie Dolphin appear in Pink Sheep's Video at first

Last Appearance: Unknown


Pink Sheep

Prankster Gangster Members

Enemies: Unknown

Species: Funnier Dolphin

Quote: Unknown

Origin: "Homie Dolphin" is a Dolphin and a high ranking person (or dolphin) in the Prankster Gangster Nation. Pink Sheep always gets advice from Homie Dolphin. He was also dared by Homie Dolphin to eat Big Macs. Homie Dolphin is smarter than Pink Sheep in some ways, as he can count over 43 and read. He also tried teaching Pink Sheep how to say 44, but Pink Sheep didn't understand.

Personality: Homie Dolphin is a Prankster Gangster Member in the world of peaceful, and He was in TNT Town safe from here, Monsters in Night is dangerous.

Appearance: Homie Dolphin had a mustache, who was very cool at city who people love him as PGN Member.


  • He is Pink Sheep's best friend.
  • He has a mustache.
  • He called himself ugly when he used a snapchat filter to make it seem as though his mustache was gone.
  • He was born somewhere in 3004026 B.C.E and is very old.

Info: Homie Dolphin has Prankster Gangster Power and He has many skill and power perfer in the battle.

Which is Homie Dolphin lot of better?: 68% Lot of Swag!

Homie Dolphin's HP: 160

Immune: to die from air when fish take down.

Power and Abilities

1. Splashed Shot

2. Superhuman Strength

3. Healing Factor

4. Water Manipulation

5. Swimming Skill

6. Superhuman Speed

7. Big Smelly Face

8. Breathing

9. Smashed Down

Homie Dolphin's Stats

Attack Potency: Small Building Level

Speed: FTL+

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Small Building Class

Durability: Small Building Level

Stamina: At least high

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: Unknown

Intelligence: Unknown






Homie Dolphin is a homie with Pink Sheep, He has actual feats since he fought HN which is at least strong.


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